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1. Stay harder - longer

2. Increase sexual lasting power

3. Stop premature ejaculation

4. Heighten the intensity and volume of orgasm

5. Maintain fuller erections

6. Use as a constriction device (tourniquet) for penis enlargement exercises

Control premature ejaculation and intensify your orgasms

Cock rings have been used for decades by men of all ages who desire greater orgasm control and increased sexual satisfaction.


Make sex last longer and enjoy intense orgasms!

HM Energy power ring goes on the base of the penis and helps to maintain an erection by retaining the amount of blood leaving the penis. This provides a firm erection and also helps support its overall length and girth. Not only does a Cock Ring maintain firmness, but it also prevents premature ejaculation- a condition that 25-50% of men face today.


HM Energy power ring is washable and features 5 soft cushion nubs for ultimate men's comfort. The solid growth in the dark of the cock ring makes it discreet and unassuming, while the light-weight, durable design makes it easy to carry with you anywhere - even in your wallet

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